Friday, 30 March 2012

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig!

Lydia brought us girls to the market on Saturday morning. We set off at 7am and the market was already packed.
We saw many indigenous ladies sitting on the floor, selling their harvests and sometimes they'd have their babies or little toddlers playing around in a homemade wooden box.
Lydia bought a ton of stuffs and we had to leave them at a few owners' stalls for a while so we could buy more. After we were done marketing, Lydia engaged the services of a guy (who was walking around with a string attached to a strap) to carry the basket of heavy groceries. The man strapped up the basket and hooked the strap around his forehead with the basket on his back.
After he left the basket with 2 other (all ours) big basket of groceries, Lydia went to find a driver to send the groceries back home. The driver loaded all our groceries and we climbed onto the back of the truck for our ride back home.

That afternoon, we learned how to make chile rellenos. It was really a lot of work! I don't think i'd follow the exact recipe or methods if I were to do it again. The women in our house told us that we can all get married now that we know how to buy groceries from the market and make chilies! :)

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