Friday, 23 March 2012

A Beachy weekend at Monterrico

We decided to hit the beach on our first weekend because it was Breanna's birthday wish. Chris started rounding up people that he knew so that we could have enough people to get our own private 14 seater bus. Turned out that news spread pretty quickly amongst students and within a few days, all spots were taken up! 3 other students even need to find their own shuttle to monterrico because our bus was full.

Monterrico is famous for its black sand beach. This part of Guatemala is also treated to sensational lightning storms during the rainy season. It was too bad we didn't get to see the lightning while we were there. The waves at Monterrico were powerful and crashed onto the black volcanic sand at odd angles. Many of us did not jump into the ocean because the waves looked scary. Chris fought with the waves a couple of times and was thrashed. He came back finally with his tail between his legs, admitting defeat. (Chris' note: a lesser mortal would have been crushed to death)

I tried to get a tan because I glow in the sun now (I could almost hear Angie saying that to me). But after about 10 minutes, I gave up; it was too hot!! I don't know how Heidi did it. She sunbathed for hours without taking any breaks!

Heidi taught us how to spin poi that night. She's really good! It was beautiful to spin at night because of the bright neon lights.

Oh! We found a scorpion in my room! It was a small scorpion and some guy caught it by trapping it into a bottle. It was fortunate that it was seen on the day we were leaving; I might have had sleepless nights if I knew there might be more! :(

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