Friday, 23 March 2012

Chichicastenango - famous market in central America

The bus ride to chichi took us slightly over 2 hours. The market was not as big as I imagined (in comparison to bangkok's weekend market).

All 5 of us decided to buy something to wear together. We searched for a long time but couldn't agree on something; either the guys thought the bags we chose were too girly for them or the girls didn't like the idea of carrying a machete around. We finally decided on wearing bracelets instead. On our way to buy Heidi's and Kennisha's hammocks, Heidi spotted some indigenous booties. She wanted to get them and Chris started bargaining with the lady to bring the price down. And when both Chris & Matt said they wouldn't mind wearing them in the house, we decided to get them as our 'house uniform'.
Chris had reminded us to keep our enthusiasm low and to look like we weren't interested in the booties so he could bargain for a better price. So when we walked back a second time to the shop, Chris did his trick by trying to bring the price down for just 1 pair, then when he couldn't bring the price down further, he asked if we can get them cheaper if we bought 5 pairs. But when we couldn't bring the price down even further, we pretended to leave ( Heidi commented in Spanish that we had not much time left and had to go - just so the lady could hear). But right after she said that, she commented in english that she was only saying that to help bargain. (and the lady did understand english!) To top that, when Matt saw that we looked ready to leave, he got worried and exclaims in English," but I really like those shoes!" Ah well... Plan failed. Chris couldn't bring the price further but we got the shoes anyways. I found out later that it was just 1 quetzal that he was trying to negotiate; I wouldn't bother if I was him because it was just USD0.15! Nevertheless, it was a pretty fruitful trip for all of us!

We got back home close to 5pm and 10 minutes into settling in our own rooms, I heard Kennisha shouted," Oh my God, I locked Christina in my cupboard!" Turned out the family cat crept into Kennisha's cupboard in the morning when she left her room to brush her teeth. She then locked her cupboard and left without realizing that Christina was inside! Christina didn't looked like she was in shock or anything when she was 'released' after 10 hours though. As mentioned before, Christina has quite a character and maybe she might be more pissed with us for disrupting her sleep in the cupboard than of us locking her up in there.

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