Monday, 12 December 2011

Gastronomically Great Taiwan

Sorry about the delay, but after a great trip to Taiwan, we needed to recover from all the fantastic food we ate. Chris got bronchitus for the first week there and was given some Chinese herbal cough syrup that contained 'opium' (really?!). It worked but we didn't dare take it back to Singapore due to the death penalty for possession of drugs.

 After Chris recovered (Jaime got a bit sick too - Chris's fault), the trip picked up and we hung out with family, friends, and food.  Lots of food.

We started off in Taipei for a couple of days to visit aunts and uncles and friends.  Then, we headed off to Tainan for a while and then toured around the island with Chris's dad to:

- Kenting - where we stayed in a palatial youth center hostel

- Hua Lian - Toroko Gorge filled with tourists from China, wearing helmets that 'don't guarantee protection' (see photo)

- Sun Moon Lake 

After that, we had some brilliant sushi (where we ate soft-shelled turtle for the first time - see photo below for its 'paw') and went prawning in Ping Dong with the sushi chefs.  A trip to the aboriginal village was a surprising fun day and we both walked out with glass bead necklaces which will come with us on the trip.

We spent the several days in Taipei hanging out with friends and seeing the sites before heading back to Singapore to pack and prep for the BIG part of our around the world tour.  6 months coming up...starting tomorrow (Dec 13th).  See you at the airport!!!

Chris & Jaime

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