Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Egypt: Cairo pyramids

We arrived in Cairo at 6am this morning and headed straight to the Sakkara pyramid, Dashur pyramid and of course the highly anticipated trip to the pyramid of Giza.

Still tired from the lack of sleep from our plane ride, we battled the cold and our lethargy to climb up the Sakkara pyramid and down the narrow & low passageway ( not advisable for the claustrophobic) into the tomb of king Titi.
Not sure if we are really not allowed to do that, but the guide made me lie in the mummy's tomb! It was really cool except that i kept wondering if any curse is going to strike me dead soon.

Chris is really allergic to cats and horses, we thought he should be a little careful in case he got killed by his allergic reactions on our 1st day of the RTW trip! BUT we really wanted to try the camel ride at the pyramid of Giza so Chris said," screw it, let's do it and see what happens!". Turns out Chris can ride camels! Yay!

Egypt has always been the #1 place to visit on Chris's list since he was a kid. A huge, happy checkmark on that list of things to do after today! :)

Cairo is colder than we expected! We thought it was going to be 20degrees max; turned out to be 10-12 the WHOLE day today.

Up next: Luxor
Stay tuned!
P/s: the little kitty that was snuggling between us while we wrote this had curled up into a sleeping ball of cuteness!

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