Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Amazing Race (world travel edition)

When we boarded the plane that's bound for Egypt, Chris excitedly whipped out a tiny stainless steel ring out of nowhere and said,"this ring is for you!" I looked at him blankly and took a full minute to digest that action. I needed time to choose the next few questions carefully in case it is a proposal ring and he was waiting for my answer. In case you don't know, the ring doesn't look anything like a proposal ring and it had the words 'Bethlehem - Dec 2011' . (plus it looked so tiny that I would think it belonged to a child).
Instead of asking him if it was a proposal, that would really hurt his feelings if it was, I told him that the ring looked so small and wondered if it'd fit. "it's size 11!" (oh, my ring size... So IT IS mine)
I guessed I was speechless for too long because Chris impatiently pulled out 2 envelopes and gave it to me. As I read the cards in each envelope, I silently let out a sigh of relief. Chris told me he had 12 rings made for this trip, each one came with some tasks for both of us to complete.
I could see an exciting 6 months ahead of us!

Chris says the rings are made with pure silver AND he doesn't have the proposal ring made for the trip.

Our last night in Cairo is really quite an experience.We were staying in this hostel that is near the Tahrir square and at 3am in the morning, I was woken by gun shots, people shouting and chantings. I remembered the few days ago, they burned down their library during one of the demonstrations and hence i immediately got up, opened the window and looked out to check. I was worried that we might not make it in time to leave for the airport as we were due to leave in 3 hours. Turned out the demonstration is at the Tahrir square and we are a few street away, so we were safe.

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