Thursday, 2 February 2012

Milan in a half day

Due to our tight timelines, we only had a half day in Milan.  So we got some pizza, gelato (of course) and checked out the Duomo, which was amazing, even after seeing all the other duomos and sites in Italy.  It is huge.  The plaza outside was filled with people and shady characters who were offering free bird seed, likely in an attempt to distract you with pigeons as they pick your pockets.  But we were too crafty for that and I had to do some tai-chi circle hand moves once a guy grabbed my wrist.  Then I proceeded to fake punch a pigeon on his hand in slow mo in an attempt to show off that I wasn't an easy mark.  At that point, the guy left us alone.

Right beside the Duomo is a huge outdoor covered plaza with super posh shops.  This was the first place I (Chris) came to in Italy 12 years ago and I remember going into the Prada shop in shorts, tshirt, and a huge backpack.  The shop was still there, in its prime location with the other 3 corners taken up by luxury stores like Ferragamo, LV (or something like that) and...... Mc Donalds!

After the Duomo, we had a huge pizza and good spaghetti carbonara at a restaurant before turning in to catch our 4:30am bus to the airport the next morning.  Note:  If you take the bus to the airport, you can buy the tickets at a booth OR right by the bus where they give you 3 for the price of two.  Meaning, you can sell the other ticket and buy more gelato with it.

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