Thursday, 2 February 2012

A-maze-ing Venice

Venice in the winter is a little bit less beautiful than one would imagine.  Nonetheless, it was still breathtaking.  So was the cold.

Navigating in the cold with fog misting in front of your face with every breath was not that fun. Venice is like a maze. Just as you think you're about to reach your destination on the map, you'd often find yourself walking into a wall or heading to a dead end. We weren't surprised to find many tourists lost amongst all those narrow corridors between buildings that looked so alike. Walking around after sunset can make your imagination run wild. I was anticipating someone to jump out behind a wall wearing a 'I know what you did last sumner' mask.  It didn't help when some big haired rasta dude started walking in the same direction as us for a few minutes. (Chris's note:  I saw him and would have whooped him if he made a move on us.  Long hair = disadvantage)

A combination of the cold weather and a gorgeous apartment kept us indoors for the majority of the time. We booked a double room at the L' Imbarcadero and was told that their private rooms are located a few blocks away. Turned out that our double room is actually an apartment with a kitchen, huge hall and 2 balconies on each side of the hallway. There wasn't anyone staying at the other room at the time and hence we had the whole house to ourselves!

Food is VERY expensive in Venice. They charge €2 per person as cover charge for a sit down dinner (unless you order take away!) on top of your regular pasta ( no meat) costing €12 per pax minimum.
It made more economical sense for us to make our own dinner - pasta with pork chop and eggs.

Public toilets are expensive too! €1.50 per visit. I suggest you carry an empty water bottle around to pee in.

We went to Piazza St Marco, a must see in Venice, on our last day. It was so cold that the air turned foggy. There were a million pigeons in the square and those pigeons were bold; Chris held out some crumbs and the pigeons flew up onto his hands and one landed on his shoulder. It looked like one of those bird shows in the bird park!  Still, it was a beautiful city and definitely worth a revisit during warmer times.  Oh, and in case you're wondering, of course we had gelato while walking around in the freezing cold.  A few times.

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