Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Pisa itself was very cool.  We took a short train from Florence and upon arrival, did our daily routine of scouting out gelato shops along the way to one of the bigger architechtural 'oopses' of the time.  Along the way, we found Botega Gelato, a shop with fantastic gelato, big scoops, and great flavours.  Naturally, we had one first and then discussed what flavour we would try on our way back.

The leaning tower itself, was very cool.  In our guide book, it says it has a 4cm lean whereas in the past, it was 4m.  They had to correct the tilt by digging underneath it so it would tilt back a bit.  We cannot imagine how bad the lean used to be.  We did all the requisite photos but opted not to climb up the tower for 15 Euro.  Turns out to be a good call as people we met said you only have 30 mins to go up, stay up, and come down since they have a quota on the number of people in at any time.  Also, at the top, there is no discernable tilt.  We hung around for a couple hours, I pushed an annoying kid who was trampling all over Jaimes bag, and we headed back to the train station to Florence....after getting another gelato from Botega.

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